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thuggish_blonde's Journal

Fruit Loop
12 July 1986
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adoring tim gunn, adventures!!, alice in wonderland, alphabetizing things, always sunny in philadelphia, archie mcphee, avoiding people, being a superhero, bikini kill, bitch magazine, black & white photos, blogging, bloom county, books, bullet points, caffeine, cats cats cats!, changing the world, cocktails, cold cold hearts, collaging, collecting random things, crazy cat ladies, crushes, cupcakes, cynicism, d-list celebrities, debauchery, decadence, deconstructing pop culture, destroying preconceived notions, dinosaurs, dirty messy hair, disneyland, diy, dorothy zbornak, dr zoidberg, everything coming up milhouse, eyeliner, fashion, feminism, fighting back, finding the perfect pen, fisheye photography, fonts, futurama, geeking out, girl gangs, glitter, goat cheese, graffiti, grammar, hair dye, hippos, iced chai lattes, ina garten, irony, john waters, kitsch, laughing at inopportune times, lipgloss, mail, making lists, making noise, making out, mary janes, mcdonalds ice cream cones, mix cd's, monsters, my incredible troll magnitude, octopi, offending people, office supplies, pin-up girls, pineapple coconut ice cream, pirated music, plastic snowglobes, plastic toys, polka dots, pulp art, rayguns, reading, retractable ultra fine sharpies, revolution, ricky gervais, riot grrrl, roadside oddities, robots, sarcasm, satire, sephora, short nails, sleeping, space travel, sparkly things, star wars, stickers, stripes, stuff and junk, sushi, tammy faye bakker, tank girl, tequila, thai food, the golden girls, toys, used books, used bookstores, vintage typewriters, water guns, weetzie bat, worshipping bea arthur